Friday, 15 June 2012

Transfer Rumour Mill

This is a post that seems to have taken an age to come, to be fair in the close season there isn't much we can talk about other than rumours or real signings, maybe a bit of info on the pre-season ahead.

To be honest most people are too busy concentrating on the Euro's and so far so good as it has been a pleasing tournament, I personally think Spain or Germany will be the winners and wouldn't be surprised if these 2 are in the final.

Anyway back to real matters, so far West Ham have probably been linked with every player in the world, from the likes of Jussi Jaaskaleinen to Neymar. All in all most of these are just rumours but I'm going to do my best to do a little thought on each of them.

As we are all aware Rob Green is leaving the club, I honestly have no hard feelings, he stuck it out at the club and helped us in our bid back to the Premiership with some truly brilliant games, but I won't lie, I'm not his biggest fan, I can admit in a one on one or when it comes to penalties, he is probably one of the best I've seen, but every now and then I'm not convinced when he seems to see a shot fly past and doesn't even attempt it but maybe he just knows he isn't getting there, I'd still like to wish him all the best in wherever he may go, even if the rumour of QPR is true, Mark Hughes must have a good plan if that is the case or offering him a great wage, although the fact he is away with England makes me find the rumours completely hard to accept. Also leaving has been Julian Faubert, who I felt improved the past season, but he still wasn't the best we could have, the other departures were, Faye, Nouble, Olly Lee and Diop who I'm not surprised to see go, either be it due to age or not quite making the leap to the full squad.

Now onto the (mainly) rumours.

Jussi Jaaskaleinen - He is the only confirmed signing I know of. I personally think he is a good solid keeper and Allardyce knows him well, for a freebie I don't think you can complain and will be a good tutor for Henderson before he makes the leap to the 1st team. I believe with got him for 1 season and have an option to extend this based on how he does.

James Collins - I personally wasn't expecting this but I do rate the guy, he's very tall, something our centre backs aren't so would be a good acquisition, he is still a good player and can definitely do a job. Tough to say how realistic this would be as a recent change of management, but you never know.

Kieran Richardson - Sounds like quite a likely option and in my opinion would be a great signing, can play full back or on the wide of midfield so provides good cover, has a great burst of pace, can cross a ball and also score the odd goal, one signing I'd be very happy with.

Matt Jarvis - I don't think Wolves would want to let this guy go, he is a very talented player out wide and again can cross a good ball and has a bit of pace on him, only thing I'm not sure about is whether he'd work in the 451/433 system Allardyce wants to use. I'd give this a 50/50.

Wilfred Zaha - A very promising young player, on his day he has been very good to watch, he has so much pace and can score some goals, whether we'd be able to get him is another thing though, as from what I know, I thought lots of teams were interested in him. I think he'd work perfectly in the system we use though and would be a great wide player.

Nathaniel Clyne - A fairly good full back, I can't say I know loads about him, but when I saw him play against us he looked very solid and comfortable. So again another promising attempt, I would guess he is an option if we don't get Richardson. Same with Jarvis, he may be the option if Zaha is not coming to us.

Mohamed Diame - Another good player, a very solid defensive midfielder, which is something I think we lacked, yes Noble did a top job last season, but I do think he is sceptical to the late challenge and personally think he'd be better a little more advanced, giving him more oppurtunites to thread balls through to the striker and sitting a bit back when Nolan charges foreword. Diame could provide that defensive cover and help clean up any attacks. Being a free agent I think this could be a very promising deal.

Yossi Benayoun - Now this player needs no introduction. We all remember him fondly and to be fair to him he had a good season when Arsenal started playing. He can provide that flair that our side seems to lack at times and has still got a lethal shot on him. If we could get him I'd be overjoyed, but the question would be, does Di Matteo want him at Chelsea, as he never got to use him when he joined.

Guti - If all is to believed, we currently have this attacking midfielder on trial, I do wonder if we've got him because we've been informed by Chelsea that Benayoun is not an option. This guy is now 35, so he is not young, but in his prime he was playing for Real Madrid, so it's obvious the guy has bags of talent. Having him on trial will be the smartest as Allardyce can see how he plays and decide whether he could cut it in the Premiership, if he still has it, then this could be one exciting signing.

Eljero Elia - Elia has apparently handed in a transfer request at Juventus after only one season. I personally quite like the guy, he has a lot of pace and is a tricky wide midfielder. If he'd consider us he could be a very good signing. Played for Holland in the World Cup just gone as a bit part player and looked like he had a lot of potential, but never got to unlock this at Juventus. If he joined I think he'd be a great signing, I just hope he can be calmed down with the skills as he sometimes even outskills himself. I do have my fingers crossed for this one.

Yakubu - Scored so many goals for a relegated team, proven in the Premiership time and time again. I think he would be a great signing if we can persuade Blackburn to part ways with him. I personally think he has much better hold up play than Cole, so would easily bring those wide players into the game, add this to his shooting ability and he would be a great buy.

Kenwyne Jones - This is one I'm undecided, thought he was brilliant for Sunderland, but hasn't quite matched that at Stoke, I'm not sure if he just doesn't suit their side, or if he's had a dip in ability, good in the air and shows good acceleration, so could be a good purchase and do a job, even though I'm not a fan of him. Again he is much better than Cole if he can recapture that form he once had.

Neymar - This is one rumour that, if I'm honest, made me laugh. If the rumours are to be believed though, we have offered to loan him for 1 season. It may be true, as we did try to loan him once before, but this never happened. Even if we have I just can't see it happening, this is a player that if Santos wanted to sell, they could coup somewhere in the region of £30 million plus! He is highly rated as a future star of world football. Then again, maybe Santos feel loaning him to a side in the Premiership could launch that price tag even higher, although this could be a double edged sword, as if he failed to perform in the Premiership and was bullied/out muscled off the pitch, then that could lose any interest from a team in that league.

These are all the rumours I know about and if I get a few more I may again post my views.

Pre-season fixtures confirmed to get a chance to see West Ham before the start is:

Away to FC Rot-Weiss Erfurt
Away to Austria Vienna
Away to Boreham Wood
Away to Southend United
Away to Oxford United
Away to Colchester United
Away to Dynamo Dresden
Away to Ipswich Town

For more details on these you can find this all on West Ham's official site

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